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When it comes to building a business for the long term, there is a lot to consider. That's why it's always a good idea to use a consulting firm with experience. It helps you see the "bleeding obvious" point you would otherwise have missed.

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Once you've gone that far, you'll still find that pitching your price and marketing messages is really tough. So finding someone who can guide you through the maze will make you more profit, and bring you faster growth. When you use our special purpose financial tools, you won't be following others - you will maximise your gross earnings. And that is good!

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Business Clues From The News

Credit Card Use Declines, as Young Australians Switch to New Methods

You'd know Dun & Bradstreet. Would you know their new name 'Illion'? Their new report indicates a mass-shift in the way Australians finance their purchases.

According to this report, Australian consumers under the age of 30 hold over half of all 'buy now - pay later' accounts, but just 10 per cent of total credit cards.

This changing payments system landscape means that retailers will have to consider offering more payment options.

“With evolving forms of repayments offering consumers more choice in an increasingly fragmented and competitive credit system, Australia is at the tipping point of its credit card cycle,” Illion chief executive Simon Bligh said.

While a majority of under 30s still hold a credit card (57 per cent), the long term trend is changing in favour of BNPL (Buy Now - Pay Later) options.

And what is your business clue from this news? Look at who is buying from you, and plan to add new payment methods ahead of demands from customers!


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